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Better Sex after Menopause: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Sex Life October 13, 2009

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There are a lss014_image_introot of myths floating around about how your sex life will be affected after menopause. Before you start to worry about not having sex for the rest of your life, do a little bit of research because, in reality, it’s not going to be all that bad. In fact, only about 20-30% of women experience a decrease in sexual activity.

Tip 1: Get your head in the game.
As a society, we think that sex is only for the young and fertile making it hard to accept your own aging sexuality. Most people have their first sexual encounter as a teenager or young adult, and that first impression stays with us as we age and become more mature. However, the time after menopause can be a time to experiment and try new things without having to worry about the pregnancy factor. Also, stress can have a big impact on your sex drive. Take more relaxation time to deal with the stress in a healthy way.

Tip 2: Hit the gym
Well maybe not literally, but it may be a good idea to work out those muscles on a regular basis. You can strengthen your vaginaexercise through Kegel exercises, which will allow you to experience stronger orgasms, sometimes better than when you were at a younger age. To do this, tighten your pelvic muscles like you had to use the bathroom, count to ten, release and repeat. Do this ten times, four times a day.

Tip 3: Break out the lube
If you are in the 20% of women who experience vaginal dryness, try some different type of lubrication or moisturizing. Water-based lubrications like KY-Jelly and Astroglide are good for use during intercourse. Avoid Vaseline and other products that are not water-soluble because this may cause vaginal infections. Creams and moisturizers can provide relief, but unlike lubricants, these work directly on the vaginal tissue.

Tip 4: Get with the hormones
A big reason that your sex drive may have diminished is due to that fact that your hormone levels are declining. There are a few ways to combat this, whether it be HRT, or a natural supplement like Feminestra. Being that this is a Feminestra blog, I will recommend it, but you should consult your doctor on the best treatment option for you.

Tip 5: Check the medicine cabinetpills
In today’s society it’s not uncommon to be on one or more prescription medications. However, the side effects of these meds can be affecting your sex life. Things like painkillers and antidepressants are some of the worst offenders. Talk to your doctor or physician to find out which medications or medication combinations could be affecting your libido.

If you have any tips or tricks on how you improved your sex life after menopause feel free to share in the comments section.

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1. Elizabeth - October 14, 2009

These are great tips. Here are two that I would add:

1. Do Kegal exercises

2. Try intimate toys

🙂 Elizabeth

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