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Cellulite Can Be Caused By Menopause January 13, 2010

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Ask any woman what cellulite is and they will tell you that it is “those disgusting dimples you get when you are fat.” It has viewed as a major problem for women for the past decade being blasted by celebrity gossip magazines over and over again. It has been a medical mystery, until just recently, as to why cellulite forms, and why it seems to get worse as women get older.

It is well known that cellulite is not just a “fat person’s problem” as cellulite can form in women with as little as 15 percent body fat. Cellulite is also not just excess fat around the legs and thighs. Prior to menopause, cellulite is caused by two things; decreases circulation deep in skin tissue, and inflammation due to insufficient lymphatic drainage. Other things that can worsen this condition include poor diet or sluggish digestion, and no or too much exercise.

However, after menopause hormone imbalances start to become a factor for cellulite formation. Studies now show that excess estrogen may cause connective tissue in the skin to weaken allowing fat to collect and push up the skin in little bundles. Adding excess estrogen to the mix with poor circulation in the skin and poor lymphatic drainage, you are left with the preverbal “Perfect Storm” for cellulite formation. As women go through menopause their skin begins to thin and collagen and elastin, elements of the skin that make it elastic and tight, levels start to deplete. This only makes a bad situation worse as it worsens the appearance of the skin.

However, it is not the end of life as we know it for those who have cellulite. In fact there are things that you can do to not necessarily cure, but improve the look of cellulite. There are a number of different creams and lotions on the market that advertise they will make your cellulite disappear. Although many of these are illegitimate and are nothing more than snake-oil in a bottle, there are some that actually work. Several vitamins and minerals have been shown to improve blood flow and circulation in the skin. Massages also help with lymphatic circulation which can improve the condition of cellulite.



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