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Popular Supplement Proved Ineffective January 12, 2010

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The popular supplement ginkgo biloba was proved to be ineffective for preventing age-related mental diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s. Studies also showed that it provides no benefit for those of normal mental states.

A clinical study, which spanned six years, studied the effects of ginkgo biloba in adults aged 72-96 showed that there was no measurable difference in cognition between those who used the placebo and those who did not. The patients were tested twice a year which measured various aspects of mental function such as attention span, memory, language, etc. Similar studies were conducted earlier in 2009 but tested the overall cognitive benefit from ginkgo biloba. No such evidence was found supporting the common belief in these studies as well.

However, critics state that mental decline is caused by a number of different factors and there is no fix all cure. The Council for Responsible Nutrition also recommends that the study should not be viewed as the final work on ginkgo biloba. Many doctors say that they have seen the benefits of ginkgo biloba first hand and will continue to recommend it to patients.

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